About “The Next Great SAIL T-shirt”

Consider me Happy

Consider me Happy

You probably remember that contest I participated in during the summer of this year, no? What, you don’t remember it?! All right, all right .. here it is again for you to read.

Well, as it turned out, you can now read all about it here how I won said competition. Thank you Izzie for dragging me into this and keeping us posted, you’re a great gal! And of course, thank you Sail Magazine for hosting this great competition, it has been an honour to attend it.

Now, where can I get that medal for most memorable month of the year?


– Me.

The Next Great SAIL T-shirt

Sailing For The Horizon

Sailing For The Horizon

I love this feeling. This summer feeling where you’re sitting on your bed in a small, cosy shack on some god forbidden island. Not Hawaii or Maui or the Fiji islands per se, any small island with at least 30°C that feels like it’s even 40°C will do, to be fair. The wooden design of the windows and door let through the first stripes of sunlight in the morning as you wake up in what already seems a hot day filled with surfing, spending hours searching for beautiful and unusual shells and drinking cocktails that bears the mysterious name “Enigma”. A slightly bobbing, small wooden statue resembling a local hula-girl is staring at you from your night stand whilst a small breeze gives its best to welcome you into the day.

Imagine this feeling. That’s how I got started for the contest “Design the Next Great SAIL T-shirt” in Boston, New York. In their description of what SAIL Magazine wants from the entrants, they describe a hip, action-oriented, colourful design for its inaugural SAIL T-shirt design contest. So, naturally, I went away on an imaginative trip to what I just described you and came back with the entry you see posted here. The results won’t be in for a while, yet despite this (and since it’s still summer -sorta- for the moment), I couldn’t resist and decided to go ahead and post my entry anyway. Should you feel like you’re up to the challenge, here’s the link to said contest. Go ahead, have your go at it and enjoy that warm summer feeling once more.

After all, who am I to deny you the feeling that every (hot) day could be one on a tropical island?

Have a nice vacation folks, I know I do.

– Cheers.