How To Make A Map in 20 Steps

For a while now, I’ve been perusing the net on how to make a good looking map.
There are some sites out there that actually offer valuable tips, but it’s still nothing that I really wanted/needed. So that’s why I decided to do it myself. Partially for the reason cause I really really wanted to, but also because my Clones need a world at some point. So yay for bonusreasons! I actually got the idea from my DM on one of the weekly DnD session, since she’s done a bang up job in creating her own map for us. It got me thinking on what I wanted in my world. And that’s what you’ll need first.

Wip_Map_011. Make a solid list of all the places you’d like to see in your world. This can be anything and everything your heart desires most. You like giant oceans infested with Bermuda Triangles or ancient monsters asleep in the deep? Go for it. You always wanted to have you characters wandering the high plains of some fantasy realm? Or even better, deep below the Highest Mountains, where ancient caverns hold the most foul creatures yet to be discovered.. The possibilities are endless. For the sake of this tutorial, I do have to mention that I did all the drawing in photoshop. You’ll need a certain knowledge of layers, brushes, and being able to work with textures and the like. If you’re fine with all this, go on then, what are you waiting for?

Wip_Map_032. I went with a partially ice-covered and flooded world. Some mountains here ‘n there and a few fields of grass, and a couple of green forests/jungles to finish it of. So that’s a lotta green, white and blue really. Remember, this is all to scale. So I added a lot of lakes in between, as a direct result from the flood. For a brief moment I considered adding volcano’s as well, but thought this would be a bit too much of the good stuff. I’ll save that for underground maybe. We’ll see. This brings me to the next bit: how you want it to look on the surface, and more precisely, it’s borders.

Wip_Map_053. Get your most squiggly hand-shaking drawing style out and start making lines this way. I bet you it’ll do its part in the end. You won’t thank me for it when it’s coloring time though.

4. Which is now actually. You like swearing like a sailor? Well, you got a decent reason now. After a while, you’ll get the feeling you want to smash something with a sledgehammer. That means you’re doing really good on the details. Keep at it!

5. By now, you should have some awesome pieces of land, and be able to seperate them as individual continents and/or islands. Time to start working on those deep and treacherous oceans, right?

Wip_Map_076. First of all, decide on how deep you want them to be, those treacherous depths of water. You want a huge sleeper dragon or just some casual sharks in it? The deeper it goes, the darker the tone of your blue will be. Every map you’ll take a look at (you did do some research, right?), will show you the same result on this matter.

7. After lining them out, you start with some moooore coloring. Oh dear, when will it end?

Wip_Map_088. Okay, now for the fun part. Start throwing in some texture, these will represent your rifts and fissures and whatnot. Same for the landmasses, give those mountains of yours a go. It’ll liven up the place a bit (this is where I pretend I’m a god, by lifting up my hand to the sky and raising whole mountains out of the ground).

9. Now we start with the nitpicking. Carefully make equally great squares and form an entire grid for your map. It’s all about location, location, location.

10. I got tired of it. Added some more snow. Wanted to give one of my new brushes a try.
11. Hey, you know what a map needs? A compass. Shinyyy.
12. Ugh, more nitpicking? Fine, add some grades, coördinates, shiny numbers and stuff like that. Here’s where your reference material kicks in. You’ll love it. And don’t forget to add an Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn and Cancer and all that. You know, details.

Wip_Map_1313. EEeeey!!! The fun finally starts! Let’s make it old-timey! Cause who wants a shiny new map? That’s boring man. Let’s scribble a bit on it, set it on fire, make burnmarks, spill coffee on it, and draw all sorts of fun stuff on it. Go bananas! For now, copy your map on a different layer and give it that brown hue, it’ll come over the original colors in the end.
14. Make it even more older, erase some parts.

15. Done playing? No way! This is where you combine the two. Erase a bit where still needed and see if it fits.
16. Think you’re done? Nu-uh. Keep doing that shiny stuff. It took me several goes, after all.
17. Now, time for textures. More fun stuff. I got a small offline databank -coughyeahright!cough- of textures, ready to be used at the flick of a wrist. For this one, I chose something with a lotta folds.

18. Next up, we add splatters of ink, or dirt, or whatever that has your fancy really.

19. Since I really didn’t like how the folds weren’t accentuated, I decided to brush ‘m up a bit at this point as well.


World Map Morraban
Alright, you’re almost done. Just add all those places of interest you had in that big list of yours, all the mountainpasses, the swamps, minefields, secret lairs in the volcano, oceans of sharks around your base.. I’m drifting again. Hum. Just look at the image I provided as my end result, you get the idea, right?

Right, so there you have it. 20 Simple Steps. And you got yourself a kickass map for your imaginary world to go play with! Thanks for reading people, I hope you had fun with it.

On Portfolio 17.0

Presentation Portfolio 2013

Presentation Portfolio 2013It’s finally here!

Two months ago, I started working on this project. I enthusiastically called it ‘Portfolio 17.0’, and kind of got stuck with it, since it’s that time of the year again where I feel the need to improve upon the old and renew my portfolio for the so many-est time. (I’m going to go with the assumption that you’ve seen the previous ones of course … you saw them, right?)

I’ve been working on this baby for the last two months to show you all that there is more to me than meets the eye. To show you that I can create an entire magazine on my own, should I decide to do so. And I did, I came up with the idea to create a small magazine promoting mostly … well … me. In overall, I’d like to think it worked out pretty well. I managed to create this baby with no less then four programs, that is to say, Adobe Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator (the pillars of the Adobe-group) and Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional to incorporate all the necessary links (try and find them all). I’ve managed to spread myself over 38 pages (covers not included), including an interview with the one and only me, make some shameless promotion for a few good people in the process (because let’s face it, they’re awesome and you’ll agree with me once you’ve met them in real life) and gave myself multiple makeovers (take a look at page 24 and you’ll know what I mean).

Presentation Portfolio 2013

Admit it, this would look so sweet, right?

But hey, seriously, there is a lot of stuff actually in there for you to find; besides the commercials (that actually links towards my projects on Behance and LinkedIn-profile page and so on), I also wrote an entire interview with me (I know I mentioned this already, but once I’m famous it’ll come in handy. Trust me), there’s an article in there about suits as well (my guilty pleasure on this project) and some general stuff on cocktails and bars as well. I even incorporated a small section on movies even! Of course, all are my favourite ones. Don’t think that needed further explaining, right?

Needless to say, I’m pretty proud of this baby. It was a pain to establish a certain rithm and create a good, general smooth look & feel, but I got the job done between all the other projects and now I’m putting it out there for you all to stare at. Now you’re probably all wondering “Come on man, where is this new portfolio of yours?” Well, that’s easy, it’s right here or in my section “CV & portfolio” under “PDF: My Portfolio (Illustrator)”.

Every year I go for another portfolio more unique than the last one. That is, I keep trying. I always keep trying.

Because I can.

– Thierry.