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You might remember last years Color Run, right? No? What’s that you say, you never even heard of it? Well, allow me to quickly break it down for you. The Color Run is this huge event that happens in almost every major city (I think) and that solely involves around people getting dirty. People (volunteers actually) throw 4-5 different shades of colour at you whilst you are running (most people even just walk ‘m) a 5k. It’s that simple really. No timings, no stressing out about.. anything really.

And everybody is smiling. Like ALL THE TIME.

Color RunnersThey got me hooked in September last year. Like you can read in the link at the start of this post. I was, and am still overwhelmed at the sheer amount of people who, just like me, love to do this. I’ll never forget the girl with the purple fingers in the London tube who introduced me to it. Thank you Maria, wherever you are. Ever since then, I can actually say I know what colour tastes like. And since last year’s run was a bit lonely (Belgium peeps that I know aren’t into this – pssj), I decided to see what my UK friends would think of it. So one thing led to another and well.. let me introduce you to @adamroberts_89. A generally really swell guy who, like me, is easily seduced by a crazy weekend, seeing as he had a ‘similar’ weekend just before this one. You’ll have to ask him about it, though.

I have to say, ever since the moment I decided to start running, I can’t “really” say I’ve had a non-pleasurable experience yet. I mean, yes, there were (or are?) the blisters, the unavoidable sprained ankle (clumsy me shouldn’t stray of the paths in the woods) and the beginnings of a good inflammation on my right leg, but those are mostly just my own fault. I can be very enthusiastic in my running, apparently. But other than those, I’ve only had fun encounters with lovely people, experienced some great moments I’ll never forget and learned a bit more about the capabilities (and limits!) of the human body.

All them medalsIt’s been almost a year now, at the end of June I believe, that I started. And just as I had planned, I have collected my 5 shiny medals. They’re hanging on the wall above my desk, to serve as an inspiration and reminder to get out more whenever I can or need to kill an hour or something (not that that happens much). I’ve participated in runs ranging from just 5 kilometres to a complete 10k Mile run. It’s not that I’m addicted to it, but I do love to run, ever since I was but a wee lad with the age of something like seven. So yeah, no regrets really.

As a last note, I’d love to give thanks to everyone who was responsible for organising these events. I’m referring to the amazing folks over at DVV Running, The Color Run Belgium, The Color Run London, De Loop Van Vlaanderen, the lovely people from Nike and all those volunteers who made this happen.

So, what will happen next? I honestly don’t know. I never planned this far, really. Guess this is where the clock resets itself? Since you know, these things happen on a yearly basis and all..

London Schoolism 2013

The mighty Big Ben in all it's fine glory

The mighty Big Ben in all it’s fine glory

This weekend was … where to begin? Should I attempt to describe it as “awesome” or “legendary” I wouldn’t even do it the justice it deserves. I believe that’s saying something. To start things of, it’s London for 4 days.
That by itself gets me giggling like a little schoolgirl. I always get excited when I get to see the gorgeous statue near my platform in King’s Cross. From there on, it can only get better. And it did folks, it *so* did. Day #01 was solely reserved for my good UK friends @tashadarke, @Lord_Jareth & @mordraena, whom I loved seeing again for a couple of hours as we had a lovely dinner and some good laughs. I got to see London from all new and different kinds of corners (I still haven’t seen it completely though) and enjoyed it thouroughly.

A small animal Terryl was drawing during the workshop at London Schoolism 2013

A small animal Terryl was drawing during the workshop at London Schoolism 2013

Then the real deal began, as Day #02 kicked in with the first of two excellent workshops provided by the people of schoolism. Saturday was reserved for workshop #01 featuring the wise and experienced Terryl Whitlatch whom laid her experience of creature design upon us all. She did this with all her knowledge, her tips and tricks and her understanding of the animal structure ranging from the bone structure, over the muscles (naming every muscle by it’s Latin name!) to the treatment of the skin. A very good base for the rest of the weekend. We topped it off with a Q&A and got on to the rest of the evening where I was introduced to some excellent people whom, just like me, brought their portfolio to the table. I got to see some really interesting and beautiful pieces there and was truly impressed.

My colored cartoon of Terryl Whitlatch, handsigned by Terryl herself.

My colored cartoon of Terryl Whitlatch, handsigned by Terryl herself.

Nathan Fowkes' slideshow start

Nathan Fowkes’ slide show start

As tradition wants it, Day #02 of the workshops ended with the cherry on the cake. The metaphorical cherry here being Nathan Fowkes. This man, who worked previously on many a great titles and is currently working for Dreamworks Animation, brought a certain flair with him that made everyone in the room go silent. He went on to do this for another four hours as he walked us through the many stages of designing with color and light until eventually we were begging for more. He did this in the form of another Q&A and a friendly glance into his many sketchbooks.

Since I got to talk to so many cool people from both inside and outside the Schoolism crew, got so see much paintings that rocked my socks off and got to live though this unique moment in person, I’d like to call this a weekend with a lot of flair and an experience I’m not likely to forget very easily. When is the next Schoolism session in the UK again?

Cheers London, ’till next time.


All the swag from London Schoolism 2013

All the swag from London Schoolism 2013