Change can be good, right?

For some time now, I always found myself to be bothered with my artwork, every time I posted a new painting online. Mostly because I’ve been trying to incorporate everything I know into it, and probably missed one silly little thing. Sometimes it’s worse, because I managed to completely mess something up and didn’t notice it until it’s too late, and sometimes it’s just something I wish I’d done entirely different altogether.

In this aspect, I’m probably like any other artist. Never happy with my own work the minute I call it “done”. This time however, I played it smart. I wrote everything down I wanted to incorporate into the painting, and when the time was there to revise it, I found myself to be perfectly on schedule, so to speak. So that’s why I present to you -with a small amount of personal satisfaction- my latest commission for @DJCookie, a very sweet fantasy & DnD-fan.

I tried my best to give it that unique vibe she wished for and to add every little detail that makes her DnD character so unique. She’s supposed to represent an Aasimar. What that means is that they look like humans, but they’ve got these shiny eyes instead (amongst a few other features). She’s supposed to represent a healer with a very deep hate for anything undead. Hence why I couldn’t help but to add them into the background. I’m so considerate, aren’t I? Anyways, should Miss Cookie be reading this: “I hope I didn’t let you down, hun”.

Now for something entirely different.

For those who are regulary visiting this place, you’ll notice that something has changed. Every once and awhile, I get fed up with my current ways of working, or just feel the need to change things. Mix it up, if you will. Keep it loose and all that. So that’s why I decided to join an ever-growing group of people with a responsive layout design for their blog/website. This way, you and every one else who views these articles on their mobile devices or any other way than on their computer, will be able to read them in a fancier way then before. I chose this particular theme, because it has a more serene feel to it than the last one.

So, have a look around and let me know should you hate/love the new & improved look.

Right, time to end this shameless self-promotion and to get back to my drawing board.


Cover design “Hush”

The Cover for 'HUSH'

Monsters exist.

Today we finally have proof. As today marks the day where I can finally tell you all about how I’m proud to say that I got to design the cover for the first book ‘HUSH’, of the book series FIRE AND STONE by A.J. Coulson. Not only do I have the privilege to call this person my good friend, he also wrote a great novel for which I’m stoked already to read it when I’ve got some free time to spare.

For a while now I’ve been dying to share this great piece of news with anyone, and since the book is out now, I believe I finally can. Though I was only responsible for providing the cover art, I did try to do my job as good as I could, by creating the right atmosphere for this commission. Honestly, it did took me a while to give it ‘just’ that dark feeling but I believe it turned out all right in the end. Now don’t come asking me questions about what you see here though, that you’ll have to figure out for yourself by actually reading the book.

And since we’re getting fairly close to the holidays, I’d say to treat your beloved ones with some great literature and read for yourself what it’s all about. In case I sparked your interest, you can always find the novel back on Amazon.

Right, that’s enough promotion for now. Time for me to get back to the drawing board.