Project Clones: The comics. Part 2.

Making of first page; 2nd album of Clones

Click me to view the entire process!

“Heya folks!” Goodmorning – or afternoon – depending on where you’re currently reading this from. I’m just going to post a small update here on the progress of Clones whilst the first album is over at the press store. As you might remember, I did a few of these step-by-step progress shots in the past, right? Well, for this months treat to you guys, I decided to post another one of the first page of my second comic of Clones.

As usual, I’m posting ‘m without the text, for a twofold reason: partially because the art alone deserves an equal place in the spotlights and secondly, because I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with the whole “should-I-post-this-online-or-not” issue. I guess a lot is riding on finding a decent publisher. Something I really should work harder on. For now tough, I invite you to enjoy these seven slides made from blood, sweat and .. well.. no tears (yet).

A lot of effort went in it though, and I’m still not sure over the final colors (and might change ‘m during the development of the other pages) but hey, I have to move on, otherwise I will get nothing done! For further development on this project, you can always find more wip-shots over at my Twitter page or on Somewhere.

For now, I’m of to bed though. Sleepwell!

Comic 2 Clones Page 1

Project Clones: The comics. Part 1.

For a while now I’ve been working on a few sideprojects. When I say “for a while” I actually mean, for a very, very, very, very, really big, (holy moly I can’t remember when I started), verrrrrry long time. One of these sideprojects are my little Clones.

I’m sure you’ve noticed them trudging around here ‘n there. Though it’s only been recently that I decided to mold them into comic form. So that means -if you know me a bit- I started building up a huge reserve of pages lately. Work on it goes slow, as usual, but it’s very rewarding. Since I normally share my wip (Work In Progress) shots on twitter or the platform of Somewhere,
I thought it’d be a nice change of pace to throw it on here.wip_B08_Small

What I’m about to show you here, is a small breakdown of what normally takes about two days of work. We start at the sketching phase, go over the linework, move on to the shadows, with the flat colors next and the final painting as last. Though normally I tend to skip a few things for myself here ‘n there you know. For example, for the purpose of this small peek behind the screen, I seperated all the phases, but usually I tend to do my shadows alongside with my flat colors, and even add some light here ‘n there as well. Maybe even throw in a few effects even. It’s odd, that I’d have the same work method as a normal painter, since I almost never liked painting with a real brush in the past. You could say this is my compensation for it.

So this is it. Now you have a small insight in the making of the art for comic books. I’m not sure I’m doing it right though, since I still feel like I’m treating my pages way too much like my illustrations and therefore am losing a lot of time over simple messing around with the final details. Though I do got most of the process down to full automatisation and even got the script laid out for several more pages, so that shouldn’t be a problem (for now).

Don’t forget to check my tweets regularly if you want to stay up to date!

Happy Halloween.

Come Into The Dark PreviewAnd here we are, folks, Halloween of 2014 is upon us again!

I personally had a lot of fun this month building up to this night as you might have noticed already. In case you still haven’t read about it, there’s been a great event called Inktober going on this month, and I’m proud to say I participated every day for an entire month again. I don’t really want to boast, but I can tell you that I really like the outcome of it. When you look at a month’s work of ink drawings, it does something to you as an artist. I can tell you that. I love it when a plan project comes together! You can check it all out for yourself if you like, I took the effort of rearranging some things at the start of this month, so that you can read up on my new short story “The Chronicles of Clones” first thing when you arrive at the Inktober-tab. Expect to see these little guys a lot more, as I really started to like drawing and introducing ‘m into the most weird/funny/exciting adventures!

Of course, it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t end with a bang, right? So doing a small something something it sort of required and, to be honest, seems like a fitting thing to do here. So, after a bit of extra drawing, allow me to present you my latest Halloween-themed illustration.

Have a great and happy Halloween people, I know I will.

Come Into The Dark

Change can be good, right?

For some time now, I always found myself to be bothered with my artwork, every time I posted a new painting online. Mostly because I’ve been trying to incorporate everything I know into it, and probably missed one silly little thing. Sometimes it’s worse, because I managed to completely mess something up and didn’t notice it until it’s too late, and sometimes it’s just something I wish I’d done entirely different altogether.

In this aspect, I’m probably like any other artist. Never happy with my own work the minute I call it “done”. This time however, I played it smart. I wrote everything down I wanted to incorporate into the painting, and when the time was there to revise it, I found myself to be perfectly on schedule, so to speak. So that’s why I present to you -with a small amount of personal satisfaction- my latest commission for @DJCookie, a very sweet fantasy & DnD-fan.

I tried my best to give it that unique vibe she wished for and to add every little detail that makes her DnD character so unique. She’s supposed to represent an Aasimar. What that means is that they look like humans, but they’ve got these shiny eyes instead (amongst a few other features). She’s supposed to represent a healer with a very deep hate for anything undead. Hence why I couldn’t help but to add them into the background. I’m so considerate, aren’t I? Anyways, should Miss Cookie be reading this: “I hope I didn’t let you down, hun”.

Now for something entirely different.

For those who are regulary visiting this place, you’ll notice that something has changed. Every once and awhile, I get fed up with my current ways of working, or just feel the need to change things. Mix it up, if you will. Keep it loose and all that. So that’s why I decided to join an ever-growing group of people with a responsive layout design for their blog/website. This way, you and every one else who views these articles on their mobile devices or any other way than on their computer, will be able to read them in a fancier way then before. I chose this particular theme, because it has a more serene feel to it than the last one.

So, have a look around and let me know should you hate/love the new & improved look.

Right, time to end this shameless self-promotion and to get back to my drawing board.


Don’t Let All The Bling Blind You

How To & Not To Treat Clones

With the internet being so vast and almighty, there is always someone, somewhere, out to get me. I am, of course, referring to my addiction for art. Back in the days, before the mighty era of the internets, I had it easy. There were only two places I considered a place of weakness for me. The local bookstore around the corner and the library a few blocks away. Yeah, I had it easy as a kid. I saved practically all my allowance for that one special moment, where I was taken to the bookstore, to chose a good ol’ comic out of the never-ending wall the owner had in his store. And in between those moments, I devoured every book I could get my little hands on and was aloud to loan from the library.

Even back then, at the age of 7 or earlier, I was hooked solid on stories. Adventures in space, riddles in the dark, cowboys fighting of hordes of Indians.. it didn’t matter. As long as it was taking me away from the boring reality that school was for me. Nowadays though, it’s a whole different world. Nowadays we have fora, online comics or social network sites where cartoonists or illustrators from all kinds post their work on. We are being overwhelmed with every sketch, paint and drawing they can produce. Not by a detour via their agencies or whatnot, mind you. I’m talking straight from the illustrators even! Ah, the wonders of modern society.

It’s enough to make me stop all my activities. Unfortunately, I’m not even exaggerating here. I’m not too proud to admit that I too, have had many a days, where I’m just surfing from one portfolio to another, gauging my eyes out, staring at the screen, where a vast supply of art after another is being thrown at me. I like to call most of those days a moment where I suffer from “Depresspiration”. Allow me to quickly explain this term in my own made-up latin:

“Depresspiration”; (Latin Depressīōnem (nominative: depressīrātiō), Looking at the art of someone really talented that makes you want to draw more and quit at the same time.

It’s basically a combination of the term “Depressing” and “Inspiration”. I like to use it when I see art that inspires me because it’s so good, yet makes me want to quit at the same time, because it’s at a level that makes me realize I still have a *lot* to learn. So at some point, I revert back to my inner child. The kid who didn’t knew any better, and just started creating after he devoured yet another comic. Back then, I was so inspired I didn’t care at what level I could draw. I just did it. And that’s what I’m trying to say here (admittedly, through a very long detour), don’t let all the bling blind you. Don’t let yourself become so down you haven’t got the energy to pick up your pencil. Just grab a sketchbook, or whatever you’re most comfortable with, and start drawing/painting again. Create.

That’s why I decided to follow Sketch Dailies, a twitter account that posts daily character inspirations. Apparently, a lot of people seem to have chosen this path as well, since my timeline receives a now staggering amount of art. Which in turn, ironically, feeds my addiction for art even more. And so, dear reader, we come to a full circle. Addiction feeds creativity feeds addiction. The life of an illustrator in a nutshell, as it were.

All right internet, bombard me with your art.


What’s the craziest thing you’ve done lately?

Banner Twitter

Like it says in the title: “What’s the craziest thing you’ve done lately?”

Today I can proudly stand up and announce that I’m a Color Runner. Last weekend The Color Run was held here in Belgium, Brussels. 10.000 people checked in as seen on facebook, of whom I was one of them. We got sprayed with blue, green, orange and .. pink. Good heavens … pink, so *much* pink! I own the color now. Included picture proves you why, I believe. As a person who lives and breathes art, I now got to have a taste of it too, and I have to say that it tasted quite funny.

The Color Runner; after

Objective of this whole 5k run is to have fun. Simple as that. I know I had mine at least, so much in fact, that I barely got to make any pictures actually (something that barely happens, as I am a bit of a picture fanatic). For those wondering, yes, there is the aspect of running as well, but the people of The Color Run don’t really want that part to shine through, in fact, they make that even very clear. I, on the other hand, couldn’t get enough of it and decided to do the run twice, ending up with a solid 10km behind me! My feet still don’t approve though.

A small note on the color blasts; man, those events occurred every 20 minutes! I thought it would be just a one time thing only. Was I wrong there. Basically, a color blast is where everyone throws his own personal pack of color into the air when the countdown hits zero. A truly magical moment of color, I can assure you. This resulted in me attending so many I lost count actually. It’s also the reason why I got so “pinked”. Those leave-blowers you know, that they use in the park during the fall? They have more uses then just blowing leaves, actually, as I found out when I got all the color powder blown off my face.

Of course, since I’m an artist, I could not let this event just pass by without giving it my own impression, so that’s why I transformed my twitter-account to a more colourful-version for the weekend.

Lastly, to the people of The Color Run event; a very heartily ‘thank you’ for this unique experience. You guys have a winning formula here. Please come back to Belgium at some point, but you know, give us some time to get all the (pink) colorpowder out of our noses first, mkay? 😉


– Me.

‘The Warrior’ from Sketch to Paint

Presentation tutorial #01

Hello there and welcome back!

Since my last post, my team of robot clones and I have been working very hard (mostly them) to create a small tutorial of an old painting I did a while ago. We’re now a week later, and I remain in that post look-what-I-just-made haze, where as I feel I’ve been more productive than I actually have. That’s largely thanks to everyone who’s been checking out my last post on A Peek Behind The Curtain. The feedback on it has been great, so that’s why I plan on keeping it going for a bit and see how it all pans out.

So without further ado, I put my team of robotic clones to the test and made ‘m work for their daily dose of batteries. That’s why I’m proud to present to you a small video-tutorial of how I usually ink my paintings. This one in particular is completely done in black and white, this to more emphasize the line work of the painting.

So sit back, open up your favourite graphical program, and get going along with me as we create another painting from start to finish.

The Warrior from start to finish


A Peek Behind The Curtain

So summer has passed and again there’s this gap already from a couple of weeks, in between this and last post. Honestly, I *am* trying to keep consistent by posting at least once every month, but unfortunately work and just life in general catches up with you *fast*. It’s like you blink and all the sudden there’s another month gone by? Where the heck did that summer go?

Now, I am not here to bore you with the past, but with stuff that should give you a small peek behind the smokescreen of this artist’s way of working. As I’ve been hearing left and right, people actually seem to dig the work in progress of an artist as well. I’ve discussed this previously (a couple of posts ago) as well, yet didn’t explore it further and just went on my way. Well, I’m here to announce I’m going to try to change all that. Big words, I know, since I’m not that good with promises and all that jazz.. But I’ll try to stick to it from now on. Promise. I’m even planning to dig out some old paints and find a way to show you lot how I got to ‘m.

Since words are just words, I decided to give some meaning to my words and introduce to you the the first one of the series.

At first I’ll start with a simple sketch. That’s where almost all my paintings start. It’s not a necessity per se, but I like to start with that start of pencil ‘n paper in my hands. Note the small thumbnail I made in the upper left hand corridor. It indicates how I imagine the vehicle would look like from the left. After scanning, I’ll move on to photoshop.

All my paints usually go through four stadia, depending on how complex they are.
For Step #01 I’ll add a simple trace of the lines, it’s the grunt-work of every drawing in my opinion. If you made a finished sketch, this is usually the work you can let your mechanized clone or monkey do (depends on your preference – I went with clones). After this stage, we go into Step #02 where the basic ground colour is added and shadows are applied. Pay strong attention to the light here and always strife for the most realistic feeling when dealing with the objects.
Step #03 is where the fun part begins for me; colouring of the character(s) and all the various objects & details. This is where you’ll love your reference material for just that right touch, when it comes to color and how they act in every environment.
At last there’s Step #04, my absolute favourite one. Here I get to apply the further detailed colouring, the small details & textures that give your paint that extra finishing touch. A few small corrections here ‘n there might occur as well. I usually advise to stand back a bit from your paint at this stage and give it a fresh eye. Mostly, I myself tend to skip this step (not professional – I know, don’t look at me like that!), which usually ends in me going back to step #03 and see where I went wrong.

Vehicle Design

If you made it this far with your own artwork, the only thing left for me is to congratulate you. I hope you had a blast on it and are inspired to get going on the next one. With that in mind, I got a few more paintings waiting for me …

Anyway, I hope that this way, all of you got a better and useful view into my way of working.

Until we meet again,

London Schoolism 2013

The mighty Big Ben in all it's fine glory

The mighty Big Ben in all it’s fine glory

This weekend was … where to begin? Should I attempt to describe it as “awesome” or “legendary” I wouldn’t even do it the justice it deserves. I believe that’s saying something. To start things of, it’s London for 4 days.
That by itself gets me giggling like a little schoolgirl. I always get excited when I get to see the gorgeous statue near my platform in King’s Cross. From there on, it can only get better. And it did folks, it *so* did. Day #01 was solely reserved for my good UK friends @tashadarke, @Lord_Jareth & @mordraena, whom I loved seeing again for a couple of hours as we had a lovely dinner and some good laughs. I got to see London from all new and different kinds of corners (I still haven’t seen it completely though) and enjoyed it thouroughly.

A small animal Terryl was drawing during the workshop at London Schoolism 2013

A small animal Terryl was drawing during the workshop at London Schoolism 2013

Then the real deal began, as Day #02 kicked in with the first of two excellent workshops provided by the people of schoolism. Saturday was reserved for workshop #01 featuring the wise and experienced Terryl Whitlatch whom laid her experience of creature design upon us all. She did this with all her knowledge, her tips and tricks and her understanding of the animal structure ranging from the bone structure, over the muscles (naming every muscle by it’s Latin name!) to the treatment of the skin. A very good base for the rest of the weekend. We topped it off with a Q&A and got on to the rest of the evening where I was introduced to some excellent people whom, just like me, brought their portfolio to the table. I got to see some really interesting and beautiful pieces there and was truly impressed.

My colored cartoon of Terryl Whitlatch, handsigned by Terryl herself.

My colored cartoon of Terryl Whitlatch, handsigned by Terryl herself.

Nathan Fowkes' slideshow start

Nathan Fowkes’ slide show start

As tradition wants it, Day #02 of the workshops ended with the cherry on the cake. The metaphorical cherry here being Nathan Fowkes. This man, who worked previously on many a great titles and is currently working for Dreamworks Animation, brought a certain flair with him that made everyone in the room go silent. He went on to do this for another four hours as he walked us through the many stages of designing with color and light until eventually we were begging for more. He did this in the form of another Q&A and a friendly glance into his many sketchbooks.

Since I got to talk to so many cool people from both inside and outside the Schoolism crew, got so see much paintings that rocked my socks off and got to live though this unique moment in person, I’d like to call this a weekend with a lot of flair and an experience I’m not likely to forget very easily. When is the next Schoolism session in the UK again?

Cheers London, ’till next time.


All the swag from London Schoolism 2013

All the swag from London Schoolism 2013