Here’s to the Rocks in our life.

For today’s ramblings, I’ll let you in on a little well-known fact. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a deep respect to those who are willing to commit and help others. I’ve had the privilege to meet a few kind souls already in the time that I’ve walked this planet, but for some reason I can’t seem to help but to point them out from time to time. If you know me a bit, you’ll probably expect to see someone’s name popping up here any time now. But actually, I’m not going to. In fact, I would like to point out that I’m talking about the driving force behind every good artist here. It can literally be anyone, in fact. And it doesn’t have to be an artist per se, but for the sake of it, let’s stick to what I know best for the moment. “So why bring this topic up?”, you’ll wonder..


All right, here goes. Since a couple of weeks now, I’ve been listening to someone I have a great deal of respect for. I’m talking Bobby Chiu here. You might remember how I’ve already covered a London Schoolism workshop here and how I once worked on a painting based on his work. Well, lately he’s been doing all of us artists a favour by restarting his weekly (!) #Chiustream. Now remember how I said I wasn’t going to name anyone in particular? Well, I’m not, this is just the most recent example I have in mind. And it just so happens to be about a very well-known artist. Just pure coincidence people, nothing more. On this weeks Chiustream though, I heard something that gave me the idea for this article. It was so quick and yet so sweet. It made me almost immediately realize how special a connection with someone can be. At a certain point during his talk, he got a question by one of the listeners; it involved what he was afraid of. Bobby, being taken back a bit by this question, didn’t knew how to respond immediately. So all of a sudden Kei Acedera (his wife, who was silently listening as well), whispers something and Bobby goes on with his talk (for the curious people amongst us, Bobby isn’t particular keen of hights, as it turns out to be). The fact that Kei knows him so well, and jumped right in to give him an answer, struck me as the one person who knows Bobby best. She’s the rock behind Bobby, weather he knows it or not, and that one gesture inspired me to create this small painting you see here. At one point or another, every artist, every person has a person standing behind him/her to just be there for him/her, to support and help one another. And the fact that we were all there to witness that brief, sweet moment made me realise this.

And that’s why I wrote this small post, to help you remember about the rocks that support us. Here’s to them.



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