Switching Blogs: Part I

Heads up everybody, in the future, I might be promoting a few people here. Don’t worry, it’ll still be about Art. It’s easy, I made a deal with the devil (force of habit, sorry ’bout that) a few artsy people from #Blogpraat (a Dutch group concerning blog talking) where I write about them and they, in turn, write about me. Getting to know each other a bit better in the process and all that.

For me, there’s another reason to it as well. You see, it might come as a surprise to you, but there are actually creative people everywhere. Not just in art shows, galleries, exhibitions, art talks about creativity or in expo’s, that’s where you see us presenting our work. No, I’m talking about your colleague sitting next to you, the janitor down the hall or even your boss preparing for the meeting scheduled in 15minutes. That colleague next to you might be having an entire attic full with paintings he did. That janitor? He could well be writing his sixth novel about someone’s love interests. And your boss might be unwinding with a small sketchbook as she’s drawing the people in front of her, on her train homewards. I’m saying, there could be so much people around you, leading a secret, creative life. “All right,” you say, “now what?”

Well, I’m here to tell you about those who are known as a creative person in a selected field, or maybe even those who got a few jobs already, or even posted their work on a blog or their own website, should they be so bold already.

Switching Blogs

One such person that I know to be a creative one is Jenny Luco.
Jenny is a perfect example of what I was just talking to you about. She’s an employee at an online marketing/business company by day, but the moment she’s headed home, her sketchbook becomes her best friend. Do not let her normal looks fool you, she’s just as much a geek as I am. When you take a look at her facebook-fanpage, you’ll stumble from one piece of fan art into the next, all with a very playful style. From the top of my head, I still remember her take on Gizmo, Merida, Elsa & Anna, Loki and Korra. And those are *just* the ones that stuck with me. Apart from that, she owns her own illustration blog over at http://jennyluco.com/, and seems to know her way well around anything fluffy. It’s why I decided to redo a small sketch from Jenny in my own style. It seemed like the perfect thing to do. Right, Jenny?

So you see, there are probably plenty of shy creatives in your immediate surroundings, who might be the next artist in your local art show showing of their stuff.



2 thoughts on “Switching Blogs: Part I

  1. jennypascale says:

    Thierry!! It’s perfect, with the bunnies and the goggles and your character drawing mine, and… EVERYTHING! But mostly the bunnies, haha ^^

    You rock and I’ll do my best making my post on your art something that makes you smile, as yours made me do ^^

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