What’s the craziest thing you’ve done lately?

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Like it says in the title: “What’s the craziest thing you’ve done lately?”

Today I can proudly stand up and announce that I’m a Color Runner. Last weekend The Color Run was held here in Belgium, Brussels. 10.000 people checked in as seen on facebook, of whom I was one of them. We got sprayed with blue, green, orange and .. pink. Good heavens … pink, so *much* pink! I own the color now. Included picture proves you why, I believe. As a person who lives and breathes art, I now got to have a taste of it too, and I have to say that it tasted quite funny.

The Color Runner; after

Objective of this whole 5k run is to have fun. Simple as that. I know I had mine at least, so much in fact, that I barely got to make any pictures actually (something that barely happens, as I am a bit of a picture fanatic). For those wondering, yes, there is the aspect of running as well, but the people of The Color Run don’t really want that part to shine through, in fact, they make that even very clear. I, on the other hand, couldn’t get enough of it and decided to do the run twice, ending up with a solid 10km behind me! My feet still don’t approve though.

A small note on the color blasts; man, those events occurred every 20 minutes! I thought it would be just a one time thing only. Was I wrong there. Basically, a color blast is where everyone throws his own personal pack of color into the air when the countdown hits zero. A truly magical moment of color, I can assure you. This resulted in me attending so many I lost count actually. It’s also the reason why I got so “pinked”. Those leave-blowers you know, that they use in the park during the fall? They have more uses then just blowing leaves, actually, as I found out when I got all the color powder blown off my face.

Of course, since I’m an artist, I could not let this event just pass by without giving it my own impression, so that’s why I transformed my twitter-account to a more colourful-version for the weekend.

Lastly, to the people of The Color Run event; a very heartily ‘thank you’ for this unique experience. You guys have a winning formula here. Please come back to Belgium at some point, but you know, give us some time to get all the (pink) colorpowder out of our noses first, mkay? 😉


– Me.

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