Let’s “Sketch” It Up!

A Contemporary Buffalo.

A Contemporary Buffalo.

Hi! So how was your weekend? In case you’re an artist and you were sitting at home, I’m gonna say mine was better.
You’re probably curious to find out why, so if that’s the case, let me tell you why.

This weekend I got to attend a meet-up with the guys from Sketch. A whole bunch of fine artists, one of them my buddy, Jintro, the creator of A Song Called City. Together we both created an illustration for the attendees of the local happening at Kunstbende Oostend. Let me tell ya, despite the fact that I’m looking very concentrated (doesn’t every artist does when he’s drawing?), I had a blast creating that illustration!

“Most of the things, even almost everything in life happens with some good, honest preparation. But the best things in life happen all of a sudden.” It’s a quote I remembered just now. Something I must’ve read a while ago. The fact that I actually still remember it, must mean that it actually has some value to me, right? This weekend was pretty much just like that, I almost had no previous knowledge of this event, and all of a sudden a get a text telling me about this event. Next thing I know we’re four hours later registrating for this. I want to thank all the people involved, especially Britt and Sacha, for creating this opportunity and letting me be part of it. I’m hoping to see all of you pretty soon again.

To round this up, a small video to get a feel for the mood, with everyone -including me- at the table doing our thing. Just make sure not to blink!

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