For today’s post I am firstly going to tell you about an illustrator whom I look up to with great respect; Bobby Chiu has been (for as long as I’ve studied his art) always a very inspiring person. Not only does this applies to himself, he extends this feeling towards all the people that seem to come in contact with him, creating a very strong and skilled group of artists. I’m especially thinking about one person now, who happens to have the same name as me, Thierry “T-Bear” Lafontaine, but there’s also Kei Acedera, Chanp, and perhaps not a member of Imaginism Studios, Chris Sanders. They all carry my greatest respect. Therefore I felt like creating this next painting. I proudly present to you: “Alluring”.

The idea is actually not completely mine, it is further extrapolated from the idea of Bobby Chiu’s ‘Early Bloom‘. In his idea he describes the tree/plant Rutilus. Since he hasn’t really given us any visual idea to what this plant exactly looks like, and because his painting is so beautifully captivated, I wanted to create a similar painting with a similar style. I imagined a new sort of monkey, in a similar style to that of Chris Sanders’ “Stitch”, and made some close-ups from them for your convenience.

In the process of creating this painting, I actually learned a ton on how to apply light into a painting with a lot of plants. Thanks Bobby for your tutorial in ImagineFX 72, it was a great help. For readers interested into Bobby Chiu’s tutorial, he’s been so kind as to put it online on his site as well, go have a look.

Because I can.


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