Pixelated Fluctuation

One’s interest can fluctuate very fast. In my case, all it takes is a shiny looking show, a fancy tune, and stunning graphics. I recently had an encounter with pixel art again. I say again, because I’ve been here before. Last time, if I remember correctly, was when Minecraft first came out. Although I was too enslaved by that game back then to create any art about it. So last evening, after working on a new paint, it dawned on me. I’m working on a new style. Again. I hardly ever can be kept interested for long at one subject at the time. I need change. Keeping it fresh an’ all, you know? (that felt wrong)

At the end of the day, every artist out there tries to come up with a good painting/drawing, and so do I. So I was trying to figure out the good old pixel art. You know, where you literally see the pixels in the painting … – I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. And although I can’t say I’m an expert at it, I did manage to form (what I can only hope) a pretty result. Even considering making (yet again) another portfolio in this style. Because, once again, I feel like it. It’s about to become worse even, as I’m considering turning this into something of a game … Let me put it this way, I’d love to play a game with this kind of graphics in it. But since I can’t seem to find anything satisfying enough (oh yeah, I’ve looked), I just ‘have’ to make my own graphics.

A Pirates Life

A Pirates Life

About the topic; I had this little story in mind about me and a couple of friends of mine. It’s basically where we all become pixelated and have similar adventures like in some blockbuster movie or an old-school game from the old days. In case you’re wondering, the painting here is from this one scene out of “Pirates of the Caribbean; The Black Pearl” (Hadn’t done any pirate-themed painting for a while, so yeah).

– Because I can.

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