People will always need a hero

The Godslayer

The Godslayer

For as long as I can remember, people have been in awe for artists who do their job well. People can stare at your art for hours and spew one superlative after another. I still see this happening once in every two months or so. I too, like any other person, am now guilty on the subject. I just love how people create things I care for. Be it art, books, music or movies. Unfortunately, one cannot simply witness the process of developing movies these days. Same goes for books, or music. You’d literally had to walk into the studio during a movie or barge into the home of a writer whilst he is writing. Art, on the other hand, is an entire different medium. Especially since the uprising of the internet back in the ’90s. Ever since then, people have been blogging about it and posting their work online. Nowadays, it’s the most normal thing. Just log on onto or CGHUB and you’ll find hundreds of artists strutting their stuff so to speak.

I actually didn’t agree on this. Why, would you ask? Simple. I actually gave you the answer already earlier on. You simply don’t go wandering inside a studio whilst the production of a movie. Or go bothering a band whilst they’re practising their new song. You just don’t. So why is it OK to ask every single step of an artists work? I never understood this really.

Now, that being said, I’ve been told many a times in my life how I should improve my art and how I should do things “their way”. Most of them were ranging from good to really bad, (more the latter then the first at times) but all were given with the best intentions. One of those was to post my work online. Not just the end results mind you, but the in between stuff as well. Again, I don’t fully understand as to the why behind this, other then that it might improve one’s art at an earlier part in the process. I know, I might seem very cocky about this, but to me personally, it feels like an intrusion into my mind. I have no better way of saying it really. For years I’ve always been working in one straight line on my work. Never even thought of it to create wip’s (Work In Progress) at all. There are times though when I knew the sketch/painting was going to rock people’s socks off, but I just didn’t want to brag about it. Because that’s how it feels at times, in my opinion. So I kept doing what I considered the best way of working: Do research on the topic; get it done; present to audience. Simple as that.

Then came along a time, not so long ago really, where I found out that there are actually people who care for this sort of stuff. Who actually ‘want’ to see the boring part in between, just like how you can now see how movies are made by watching the included documentaries. I’ve been looking at my own work like I read books or listen to music. I just didn’t think it was that big of a deal. Like it was normal to any other person out there. Apparently, reality is an entire different thing. I’ll explain it through a simple example, I’ve been using my faithful CTE-640 WACOM for quite some time now. I honestly have to admit that I don’t even remember how I survived before it. I immediately picked up on it the day I got it from a buddy of mine. I still see it as one of the best purchases I’ve ever made so far. So to me, it’s been like the extension of my arm. To others however, it’s like pure magic. I’ve heard things from “… and when he moves his pencil, it moves on the screen too!” to “I still think it looks better on paper.” Honestly, this is coming from normal everyday people. I laughed it away at first. Later I just became baffled, irritated even, at some point. It wasn’t even dawning upon me, until late this summer where I was confronted with this very same happening again.

This time, a lot of people I know and respect well, were like me, gazing upon a giant screen during Gamescom. You could see this artist from Arenanet (I’m not sure at this point if he was from A’net) going through the process of conceiving a new random character. I remember myself thinking, ‘I’ve been doing that so many times now’. So when I actually wanted to move along, the others didn’t. I became intrigued as to why. Call me an idiot and what not, but when you’re in a daily work pattern you just don’t think about it anymore and you just do. So when I was confronted with their explanation on the matter I found out people do care for this sorta stuff. Fast forward to present day.

Today, I’ve just finished a random sketch that took me about two-three whole days to complete. I had a rather funny conversation on twitter with a good friend of mine and it ended with her giving me an idea for a sketch. So when I started, I thought of that same moment in Gamescom again, and decided to do a little experiment this time (sorry hun, for being my little guinea pig ^^). I would make a couple of wip’s and see what her reaction would be. I was actually very pleased with it. She reacted all happy at first, going to completely unexpected, calling it rad at the end. So in summary; as to where I was very sceptical towards it at first, I kind of loved to see her reaction in the end on the matter. Or to quote Hannibal Smith: “I love it when a plan comes together.” Thank you for this hun, you know who you are. (I hope I haven’t offended you by doing so, if you’ll ever read this)

Now, to finish of this wall of text, and because you all expect me to; here’s the work in progress of her drawing:

2 thoughts on “People will always need a hero

  1. Thierry De Wolf says:

    Like I said, I was in need of confirmation, and needed to know it was actually real. So I’m hoping you’re not offended or anything. Glad to know you enjoyed the ride btw ^^ Had fun drawing you.

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