Just another day at the office

Welcome dear reader,

for you, there’s probably not going to be any change from this moment on. For me however, there is. You see, as of a couple of days ago, I went freelance. While that might seem not to be much to any other person, it does a lot to my world however; running around from one office to another, getting financial things done and making sure nothing is left forgotten on my to-do list.
This might all seem like a hassle, but in the end I sure as hell hope it’s gonna pay off. It probably will too. It’s the road towards the end that is going to make it all very interesting. Because .. I can actually say at some point that I like this. It feels good. In the many years I’ve been walking around on this globe it’s mostly being spent hiding behind my desk seeing other people getting a *normal* job. While they were having fun ’till the wee hours of the morning, or while they were sleeping, I was working. So far I’m still working, not much has changed. Except for the title I now wield. Freelance illustrator. That’s right. I can finally say, after all those years, that I went freelance. I could go and do any other job, possibly something that brings a lot more money into my bank account, yet I know deep inside that it would not make me happy nor bring me the satisfaction I so desire at the end of the day.

“Stay hungry, stay foolish.”

I still remind myself everyday at these famous words of Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford speech. For those of you who have never heard of this moment, here’s the link to his speech on youtube. At that moment, Steve Jobs mentions that we all should pursue our dreams and see the opportunities in life’s setbacks – including death itself, because nothing more can come close to a wake up call then imagining yourself being dead tomorrow. With those four famous words, he urges the world to be ever wishing for better times, to never settle for less. That is my interpretation at least.

As a final word, I would like to tell you about another go-getter I know. Davy Kestens. Today, I saw a very interesting article in one of his tweets, mentioning that *You should probably quit your job*. How I slightly do agree on this statement, I cannot help but wondering how useless that action is. Better put; why not just go for your ideal dream-job in the first place? Big words perhaps, coming from a guy at the start-blocks of his life, I know. But think of it, if you would be doing what you really want, there wouldn’t be so much stress in your life, you’d feel more happy and you’d be way more energized in everything you do.
A couple of years ago, I was hauling a washing machine two floors up with another guy from the firm I was working for at that time. It was a rather painful moment, and although we managed to get it all the way up, I still felt like a machine. A robot could have easily done the same thing. It was work, sure. But there was no reward in it for me at all. The people we did it for didn’t even appreciated it anyways. It was implied, ‘company service’ they called it.
So, if that kind of job would be mine in the future, I too would quit my job. Hence, I keep struggling to become what I was ment to do in this world.

I sketch, draw, paint and create alternative worlds. In other words, I’m an illustrator, baby.

PS: Because you guys were probably expecting some art in this article, here’s one of my latest *alternative worlds*

Valley Of The Mists

Valley Of The Mists


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