A weekly portion of fun

Poster SIRadio

Poster SIRadio

Heya all, an artists muse, inspiration or source of inspiration can be anything. For me, it’s all about music. Of course, this is not the only source for my ideas, but it definitely helps a lot. I’ve discovered this simple fact a long time ago. Every time I hear some catchy tune or hear a good pounding bass, I get ideas of people dancing, grinding, boogie-ing and what not. Usually heavy, flashing lights are involved and a dj at the top over-viewing all the action whilst creating some of the best lists of music.Today’s painting comes actually very close to that idea. It might not be the actual ‘real thing’, but it’s certainly good enough. I’m talking about a weekly show on the internet. Every Friday evening, a good friend of mine, Dj Tasha Darke (@SI_DJTasha on twitter) gives all she got through an online radio in her weekly show Dancefloor Fillers. Especially ’cause I do so like said show, and ’cause, well … it’s an awesome show, I decided to do some free advertising ^^

Behold my part for the survival of SIRadio; I hope you guys out there like it as much as I do. Oh, and one more thing: if you got the time next Friday at around 8-10PM, do a good friend of mine a favour and tune in at SIRadio (http://www.siradio.fm/), it’s worth it.



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