Call it a leap of faith …

A job for Thierry

A job for Thierry

Hello all,
In my effort to pursue the path of an artist, I have been turning and twisting many stones already. Yet, I feel as I have many more left. That being said, I am proud to present the next step in my process to conquer the world:

I, of course don’t get all the credit for this piece of work; most of the stuff you don’t see has been done by a very close friend of mine that you’ll be able to find here: Credit to whom it deserves, after all.

Now, whether you are a casual Facebook-surfer or an ‘I like this – addict’, you can still do me a great favour by liking the site or recommending it to a friend. If it’s not for me, then do it for the creator, he’s been putting a great deal of work in it as well, after all.

Thanks up front,


PS: Due to multiple reasons, we had to take down the site. I’m sorry for that.


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