Look! It’s another contest!



Heyhey big world out there,

In the spirit of ‘standing still is the same as going backward’ I just can’t seem to stop participating in different contests. Schoolism.com and Sketchoholic.com seem to pick in on this curious hobby of mine. Lately I’ve been uploading a fair amount of speed paints and especially anything related to them. The newest, being this one. I’ve been working my — off and I have to say, I am pleased.

Saying that doesn’t come easily (being an artist and all) as I never seem to be perfectly happy about what I make. Somehow, I believe I’ll never be able to create the “perfect” painting, sketch or anything graphic related. Although, in all honesty, this one turns out to be getting close. Theme this time was anything related to a nocturnal setting. This for the very reason that Bobby Chiu was interviewing concept artist/ illustrator Charles Santoso, one of the creators of “The Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole”.

It was a very fun, although late, interview. It seems, being up at 1am isn’t that fun, when you’re tired enough already …


2 thoughts on “Look! It’s another contest!

  1. Thierry De Wolf says:

    Hehe, you’re welcome. Next interview is this week btw with Daniela Strijleva! Should be awesome again ^^

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