Hey! Sci-fi art!

Hey all,

Portfolio #4_GUNDESIGN

Portfolio #4_GUN DESIGN

as of a few weeks ago, I thought it would be nice if I would actually have some sort of sci-fi looking material in my portfolio. I know, most of the time I’ve been doing fantasy-related stuff and cartoony-looking paintings. Although I am perfectly capable of doing sci-fi paintings, I just never preferred it. For the simple reason I like to create paintings I actually like. Some wise guru (whose name I can’t remember) once said that if you paint what you like, it will be reflected in the painting. That’s all very good and all, but then again, if you follow that strain of thought, people will never actually get to see what you’re capable of.

So, in the spirit of that new-found fact, I humbly present 5 new pieces of sci-fi looking art. They’re to be found at my section Commissions.
Hope you guys like it.




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