Interview Chris Sanders on Sketchoholic


Today was, at the least said, exhausting! A week or so ago, Bobby Chiu officially announced an interview on with Chris Sanders, today known best for his contribution on ‘How To Train Your Dragon’. Together with these interviews, sketchoholic usually also announces a grand contest with it. And when I say grand contest, I mean it! Over 150 participants were contributing to the contest. Not exactly your average speed paint I’d say.



Yet, then again. That’s exactly what I did today ^^ Being very profession and all, I managed to totally and completely forget about it! So here’s what I did. As soon as I could I started painting today. And I haven’t stopped. I kept going on and managed to pull it of in less then a day, for where there actually was a complete week’s worth of time in the first place. Not that big a deal you’d say, true. If it wasn’t for the fact I’ve never done this before in that great amount of detail. You probably won’t see it immediately, but I’ve literally put a great deal of work in this one.
I’ll probably overthrow this one with a better painting in about a few months maybe, but until then, I’m happy to present my newest creation, titled: “Nightmares”.




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