Aloha all,

Lately I’ve been undergoing some pretty bad down-time, getting that one job just doesn’t seem to work in this country. As a counter-effect though, I’ve decided it was time to pick up on an old hobby of mine: speed painting. I’ve been doing this for a couple of times in my last school year, although it was never with the desired outcome. Hence me picking up that good old stress-tool. Now, knowing me, I “should” be able to keep this up, since it’s always innovating and ever-changing. Thing is, I have to be there when everyone else is on. Since I tend to forget a lot (heh), this is another brain-training thingie.

Speedpaint exercise

Creature with a job

You can find me on Sketchoholic under the same name as usual, Master_Chill. Just type my name in the search-box and from there on you should be able to view my albums. It might sound a bit more difficult then usual, but trust me, you should be just fine. Or if you’d like to do things the easy way, (don’t we like that all?) I’ll try and keep things posted for ya on my SB on (although this might take a bit longer)

For the results, I have to say, I’ve done better. Granted, I had a lot more time too. That’s where my issue lies. I always need a lot of time. So that’s where my true problem lies. And now, I’m trying to become that tiny bit faster in what I usual do. Now let us hope it’s gonna pay of. ^^

May the force be with me.



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