Still alive folks – still breathing

Hey all,

you’ll probably have noticed it by now, I haven’t been around much lately ^^ My fault, I know … but just to prove I’m actually still here and breathing air, I’ve posted some of my latests works in the section Online Portfolio.

I’ve been swamped in the recent months, from taking classes to become better at other things (besides Photoshop) ’till getting a better portfolio. It’s been a crusade lately to get the job I so desperately want and deserve. It’s been eating away all my focus for the last few months in a way that I had to put a halt to all my other projects for a moment. Not permanently of course, just ‘putting them in the freezer” for a while ^^ Still, not a fun to do, since I really like doing those projects with other people, thing is, it doesn’t get me paid. And let this my problem for now, not because of the moolah, don’ get me wrong. It’s more ’cause of the authorities behind it and the structure that comes with a steady day job. So as I previously said, I’m on crusade to the promised land, how long it is that this will take me, I cannot tell. Let’s just hope I’ll make it.

In the meanwhile … go ahead, take a look if you want at my new stuff, I’m convinced I can prove you that I’m still here :p



PS: Sincerely sorry for all the fans out there, but still no Everyday Life for the moment …


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