So I decided to join the internet …

Yeah, hi to all of you.

I know, I’m supposed to keep this blog up-to-date. Unfortunately, I’m really bad at it, because I like to spend my time doing actual work and draw as much as possible. Soooo, I can’t promise anything, besides the fact I’ll do my very best. Makes no sense, right?

So perhaps a little introduction is in order:

Thierry De Wolf
Date Of Birth : March, 13 1987
Nationality : Belgian
Country: Middelkerke : West-Vlaanderen : Belgium
Hobbies : Reading (mostly fantasy-oriëntated); drawing and some occasionally gaming
Profession: Student
Genre: Illustration – Conceptual

My Projects Throughout The Years


I  will always strife to do better. Become better at any field I currently am focused on. Be as excellent as I can be in being an artist, in as well the traditional media and it’s digital partner. I’m currently studying in DAE (Digital Arts and Entertainment), a school for gaming development and entertainment of all sorts. I’d love to follow this path and find some work in this sector later on.

Furthermore, I’ve been lurking around on the net, joined twitter (@Master_Chill), but most of the times you’ll find me drawing. You know, the boring stuff -hum- I’m almost available for work too! Time sure flies, doesn’t it? Only two months now and my studentlife as I know it will be over. So let’s get dangerous everybody!

Here’s to some exciting times!


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