31 Days 31 Drawings

Back in October of 2013, I discovered a very interesting challenge on twitter, where you’re supposed to create an ink drawing on a regular basis (I chose to go with every day) throughout the month of October, hence “Inktober”. In 2013, I had a great time participating in the event, so I see no reason not to continue it. I wasn’t there from the start, as you can see over at the original creator’s site, but I’ll try to maintain it for as long as I can!

The results of 2015 are right here. Last year I ended the story with a rather mysterious plot. I plan to finish that story this year. I hope you’ll like it as much as I had fun writing/drawing it.

The results of 2014. Whereas I just started drawing away back in 2013, I went with one central topic for 2014. I got so fed up with having to come up with a topic for every day, that I decided to give my old flame for storytelling another go. I hope you enjoy reading this short story as much as I had drawing it.

Here are the results of 2013. They’re mostly centered around my little helpers, my clones and their numerous adversaries and enemies. At the end of Inktober 2013, I even created a bonus for Halloween which you can find here.

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