Something small part II


After the last attempt to animate one of my clones (see previous post), I decided to try the same method on the main character of my other personal project. It took me a whole lot longer actually, since I really wanted to give the character some more depth by adding shadows. I know it’s not standard procedure for a test rig (which this is supposed to be after all), but then again, I aint no professional animator and this was purely ment as a way to explore my character by fleshing it out a bit more. After all, animating your character really gives you a better insight into your creation. Here’s hoping it’ll help me in the future when I’m working on some weird angle.

For the people who think it’s going all a bit too fast in the animation above, here are all the poses next to each other. You’re welcome.


Something small in between


So this week Big Hero 6 happened, it’s currently playing in every country but mine (not that I’m bitter, you know), so in anticipation of it’s arrival, I decided to look up some art of it, and stumbled upon some behind the scenes – material of the movie. More specifically, I found the blog of Shiyoon Kim, one of the very talented people who had the privilege to work on it.

And then I saw the animation of one of the main characters. So, if you know me a little, you know I just *had* to try that out with one of my clones. This is the result. It’s not perfect, but considering my limited amount of time on it, I’m happy with it (for now). Here’s to happy discoveries.

Happy Halloween.

Come Into The Dark PreviewAnd here we are, folks, Halloween of 2014 is upon us again!

I personally had a lot of fun this month building up to this night as you might have noticed already. In case you still haven’t read about it, there’s been a great event called Inktober going on this month, and I’m proud to say I participated every day for an entire month again. I don’t really want to boast, but I can tell you that I really like the outcome of it. When you look at a month’s work of ink drawings, it does something to you as an artist. I can tell you that. I love it when a plan project comes together! You can check it all out for yourself if you like, I took the effort of rearranging some things at the start of this month, so that you can read up on my new short story “The Chronicles of Clones” first thing when you arrive at the Inktober-tab. Expect to see these little guys a lot more, as I really started to like drawing and introducing ‘m into the most weird/funny/exciting adventures!

Of course, it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t end with a bang, right? So doing a small something something it sort of required and, to be honest, seems like a fitting thing to do here. So, after a bit of extra drawing, allow me to present you my latest Halloween-themed illustration.

Have a great and happy Halloween people, I know I will.

Come Into The Dark

The Halloween Project.

Pumpkin Faces Part I

As it is every year, I can already feel it coming for me at end of the month September. That cosy feeling of pumpkin soup, the scary music echoing in the distance and the cosy scariness of Halloween creeping closer with every day. The one time in the year I actually enjoy. Screw summer! Halloween is the best and most fun time in the year (for me)!
Filler text!

This year I have a lovely treat in store for you all. We have a few lovely neighbours who were kindly enough to donate a giant-ish pumpkin to us. So the creative spirit that possesses my body was challenged with the task of carving my first pumpkin face, and by golly, I gladly accepted! All in all, it actually wasn’t that much work. As it is with every project, I came up with some scary faces, and did some research on pumpkins, as you can see in the image above.

The next part was to hollow out the sucker. I started at the top, and worked myself to the bottom, removing seeds/hollowing out the whole thing in the process. After a lovely task of around half ‘n hour, I was already finished. I left the lid off, for safety purposes alone. I’d rather keep it in one piece until Halloween, after all. Also, I decided to cut of the bottom a bit, since it was a bit unstable at the bottom. Pumpkins have a rather tricky shape as it turns out. The real challenge I must say though, were it’s teeth. I wanted it to be exactly as my design, and since I’m a bit of a perfectionist, I might have spend most of my time on it’s mouth. Other then that, it went pretty well.

Well, there’s nothing else left for me to wish you all a spooky and great Halloween!
Don’t forget to check for something drooling under your bed, tonight…

Unleash The Colour

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You might remember last years Color Run, right? No? What’s that you say, you never even heard of it? Well, allow me to quickly break it down for you. The Color Run is this huge event that happens in almost every major city (I think) and that solely involves around people getting dirty. People (volunteers actually) throw 4-5 different shades of colour at you whilst you are running (most people even just walk ‘m) a 5k. It’s that simple really. No timings, no stressing out about.. anything really.

And everybody is smiling. Like ALL THE TIME.

Color RunnersThey got me hooked in September last year. Like you can read in the link at the start of this post. I was, and am still overwhelmed at the sheer amount of people who, just like me, love to do this. I’ll never forget the girl with the purple fingers in the London tube who introduced me to it. Thank you Maria, wherever you are. Ever since then, I can actually say I know what colour tastes like. And since last year’s run was a bit lonely (Belgium peeps that I know aren’t into this – pssj), I decided to see what my UK friends would think of it. So one thing led to another and well.. let me introduce you to @adamroberts_89. A generally really swell guy who, like me, is easily seduced by a crazy weekend, seeing as he had a ‘similar’ weekend just before this one. You’ll have to ask him about it, though.

I have to say, ever since the moment I decided to start running, I can’t “really” say I’ve had a non-pleasurable experience yet. I mean, yes, there were (or are?) the blisters, the unavoidable sprained ankle (clumsy me shouldn’t stray of the paths in the woods) and the beginnings of a good inflammation on my right leg, but those are mostly just my own fault. I can be very enthusiastic in my running, apparently. But other than those, I’ve only had fun encounters with lovely people, experienced some great moments I’ll never forget and learned a bit more about the capabilities (and limits!) of the human body.

All them medalsIt’s been almost a year now, at the end of June I believe, that I started. And just as I had planned, I have collected my 5 shiny medals. They’re hanging on the wall above my desk, to serve as an inspiration and reminder to get out more whenever I can or need to kill an hour or something (not that that happens much). I’ve participated in runs ranging from just 5 kilometres to a complete 10k Mile run. It’s not that I’m addicted to it, but I do love to run, ever since I was but a wee lad with the age of something like seven. So yeah, no regrets really.

As a last note, I’d love to give thanks to everyone who was responsible for organising these events. I’m referring to the amazing folks over at DVV Running, The Color Run Belgium, The Color Run London, De Loop Van Vlaanderen, the lovely people from Nike and all those volunteers who made this happen.

So, what will happen next? I honestly don’t know. I never planned this far, really. Guess this is where the clock resets itself? Since you know, these things happen on a yearly basis and all..

Here’s to the Rocks in our life.

For today’s ramblings, I’ll let you in on a little well-known fact. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a deep respect to those who are willing to commit and help others. I’ve had the privilege to meet a few kind souls already in the time that I’ve walked this planet, but for some reason I can’t seem to help but to point them out from time to time. If you know me a bit, you’ll probably expect to see someone’s name popping up here any time now. But actually, I’m not going to. In fact, I would like to point out that I’m talking about the driving force behind every good artist here. It can literally be anyone, in fact. And it doesn’t have to be an artist per se, but for the sake of it, let’s stick to what I know best for the moment. “So why bring this topic up?”, you’ll wonder..


All right, here goes. Since a couple of weeks now, I’ve been listening to someone I have a great deal of respect for. I’m talking Bobby Chiu here. You might remember how I’ve already covered a London Schoolism workshop here and how I once worked on a painting based on his work. Well, lately he’s been doing all of us artists a favour by restarting his weekly (!) #Chiustream. Now remember how I said I wasn’t going to name anyone in particular? Well, I’m not, this is just the most recent example I have in mind. And it just so happens to be about a very well-known artist. Just pure coincidence people, nothing more. On this weeks Chiustream though, I heard something that gave me the idea for this article. It was so quick and yet so sweet. It made me almost immediately realize how special a connection with someone can be. At a certain point during his talk, he got a question by one of the listeners; it involved what he was afraid of. Bobby, being taken back a bit by this question, didn’t knew how to respond immediately. So all of a sudden Kei Acedera (his wife, who was silently listening as well), whispers something and Bobby goes on with his talk (for the curious people amongst us, Bobby isn’t particular keen of hights, as it turns out to be). The fact that Kei knows him so well, and jumped right in to give him an answer, struck me as the one person who knows Bobby best. She’s the rock behind Bobby, weather he knows it or not, and that one gesture inspired me to create this small painting you see here. At one point or another, every artist, every person has a person standing behind him/her to just be there for him/her, to support and help one another. And the fact that we were all there to witness that brief, sweet moment made me realise this.

And that’s why I wrote this small post, to help you remember about the rocks that support us. Here’s to them.


Switching Blogs: Part I

Heads up everybody, in the future, I might be promoting a few people here. Don’t worry, it’ll still be about Art. It’s easy, I made a deal with the devil (force of habit, sorry ’bout that) a few artsy people from #Blogpraat (a Dutch group concerning blog talking) where I write about them and they, in turn, write about me. Getting to know each other a bit better in the process and all that.

For me, there’s another reason to it as well. You see, it might come as a surprise to you, but there are actually creative people everywhere. Not just in art shows, galleries, exhibitions, art talks about creativity or in expo’s, that’s where you see us presenting our work. No, I’m talking about your colleague sitting next to you, the janitor down the hall or even your boss preparing for the meeting scheduled in 15minutes. That colleague next to you might be having an entire attic full with paintings he did. That janitor? He could well be writing his sixth novel about someone’s love interests. And your boss might be unwinding with a small sketchbook as she’s drawing the people in front of her, on her train homewards. I’m saying, there could be so much people around you, leading a secret, creative life. “All right,” you say, “now what?”

Well, I’m here to tell you about those who are known as a creative person in a selected field, or maybe even those who got a few jobs already, or even posted their work on a blog or their own website, should they be so bold already.

Switching Blogs

One such person that I know to be a creative one is Jenny Luco.
Jenny is a perfect example of what I was just talking to you about. She’s an employee at an online marketing/business company by day, but the moment she’s headed home, her sketchbook becomes her best friend. Do not let her normal looks fool you, she’s just as much a geek as I am. When you take a look at her facebook-fanpage, you’ll stumble from one piece of fan art into the next, all with a very playful style. From the top of my head, I still remember her take on Gizmo, Merida, Elsa & Anna, Loki and Korra. And those are *just* the ones that stuck with me. Apart from that, she owns her own illustration blog over at, and seems to know her way well around anything fluffy. It’s why I decided to redo a small sketch from Jenny in my own style. It seemed like the perfect thing to do. Right, Jenny?

So you see, there are probably plenty of shy creatives in your immediate surroundings, who might be the next artist in your local art show showing of their stuff.